Fruit Tree list

We recommend you to pre order your fruit trees to ensure that you don’t miss out. Our trees usually arrive early June but our arrival date can vary due to weather patterns and delivery date is a guide only. We will endeavour to fulfil all our orders and orders receive priority but sometimes due circumstances beyond our control certain trees may not be available.


Coxes Orange Pippin - Used for fresh fruit, drying and cooking, crisp and juicy, red with a mottled stripe over an orange yellow ground cover, early to mid season maturity.

Golden Delicious – Used for fresh fruit, cooking and drying, keeps well, produces regular heavy crops, sweet with a little acid, good aromatic flavour.

Granny Smith – Used for fresh fruit, cooking and drying, keeps well, late season maturity.

Jonagold - It is a sweet, juicy, crisp and refreshing apple with cream-coloured flesh. It is a cross between a Jonathan and Golden Delicious and is suitable for cooking and eating.

Pink Lady – Used for fresh fruit and cooking, a very attractive pink to scarlet skin depending on the season, good eating apple, late season maturity, crisp and juicy with good keeping qualities.

Red Delicious – Very sweet and juicy apple used for fresh fruit, cooking and drying, keeps well, highly coloured and flavour improves with storage. Mid season maturity

dwarf apples

(Descriptions are the same for the Dwarf apples as above, it is the tree size that is dwarf not the fruit.)

Golden Delicious

Coxes Orange Pippin


Columnar Apples

Pom-for-you - Compact column shaped tree to height of 3 metres, suits narrow areas and containers, fruit juicy, white and moderately firm.


Goldrich (Canadian) – This fruit can often be quite large in size, and comes with an all round orange touch, can be pollinated by Rival but quite often bears on it’s own.

Moorpark – Excellent for fresh fruit, jam and drying, stewing and juice, well recommended for cooler areas, orange, juicy and soft, mid to late season maturity.

Tilton – Used for fresh fruit, stewing and drying, juice, jam and preserving, does well in cooler areas and will withstand hot summers, orange in colour and juicy, excellent flavour, Late season maturity.

Trevatt – Used for fresh fruit, preserving, drying, stewing, jam and glace. A very popular, excellent apricot. Early- season maturity.

Rival – Deep orange flesh, vigorous and productive, low in acidity, can be pollinated with Goldrich.

Dwarf Travatt


Self pollinating almond - Almond crops can be grown in the cooler areas of Australia if a warm protected site is chosen. A north facing position is most suited to protect the flowers.


Compact Stella - self fertile, does not require pollination.

Bing – Used for fresh fruit, jam and preserving. A very sweet cherry with a good flavour. Late season maturity. Crosses with Stella & Blackboy, Van & William’s Favourite.

Blackboy – Used for fresh fruit, jam and preserving. Good resistance to cracking and fruit hangs on tree well. The fruit is dark read and the flesh is firm and juicy. Late-season maturity. Cross pollinates with Bing, Napoleon, Van, Bedford.

Lapins - self fertile, does not require pollination

Simone - self fertile, does not require pollination.

Kentish Cherry – Very early sour cherries, suitable for preserves and jams. Self fertile.


Black and red currants available


Black Genoa – Used for fresh fruit, drying and jam. A reliable old cultivar, dark skinned with excellent flavour, self fertile.

Brown Turkey – Used for fresh fruit, drying and jam, brown skinned that develops a rich flavour, self fertile.

Medlar - Easy to grow and do well in cool moist climates. Flavour is excellent.


Super Dwarf Sunset – Bears sweet yellow fleshed fruit, 1 -1.5 m high, pink blossoms in spring.

DwarfGoldmine - white flesh, freestone, mid-late season maturity

Flavourtop – Used for fresh fruit, drying and cooking, produces good flavoured yellow fleshed, large size fruit, freestone, mid-season maturity.

Goldmine – White flesh, tender and juicy, used for fresh fruit, drying and cooking, mid to late season maturity


DwarfGolden Queen – Used for fresh fruit, juice and preserving, a true favourite for bottling and an excellent eating peach. Deep yellow orange, juicy, clingstone, late season maturity.

Super Dwarf Sunset peach – Freestone, white flesh.

Anzac – Used for fresh fruit and juice, an old favourite freestone peach with a good flavour, good bearer, early season maturity. Dark maroon-red over a creamish green ground colour.

Peacharine – Yellow flesh, used for fresh eating, drying and stewing, cross between a peach and a nectarine, mid to late season maturity.

Red Haven – Used for fresh fruit, drying and stewing. A large freestone peach with yellow flesh & good flavour, mid season maturity.

Tatura 112 – Golden, clingstone, med. size fruit, yellow skin, great for eating and preserving.


Packhams – European, used for fresh fruit, juice, drying and preserving and cooking, mid-season maturity, requires pollination with Winter Nellis.

Williams Bon Chretien – European, used for fresh fruit, juice and stewing, preserving and drying, early season maturity. Needs to be cross pollinated with either Buerre Bosc or Winter Nellis or 20th Century Nashi.

Winter Nellis – European, used for fresh fruit, juice, drying, preserving and cooking, flesh is yellowish-white, late season maturity, cross pollinates with Packhams.

Buerre Bosc – European, very good and sweet, flesh yellowish-white, keeps well, used for fresh fruit, drying, preserving and cooking, mid season maturity. Requires pollination with Winter Nellis, 20th Century Nashi or Packhams.

Nijisseiki “20th Century” - Flesh is creamy white, very juicy, crisp with good keeping qualities.


Fuyu – Non astringent, used for fresh fruit, drying and cooking, late season maturity.

Plums Japanese

Mariposa – Japanese blood plum, good sweet flavour, semi freestone, used for fresh fruit, juice, stewing, mid season maturity. Requires cross pollination with Satsuma or Santa Rosa.

Satsuma – Japanese blood plum, used for fresh fruit, stewing, excellent for jam and preserving, mid season maturity, freestone, requires pollination with Santa Rosa.

Santa Rosa – Japanese, clingstone, used for fresh fruit, jam and stewing, an old established cultivar, mid season maturity. Partially self fertile but Mariposa is used for cross pollination. Will pollinate a lot of other plums.

Plums European

Coes Golden Drop – European, used for fresh fruit, drying and jam, a yellow skinned plum that is juicy, with a rich sweet flavour. Late season maturity.

Green gage – European, used for fresh fruit, jam, drying and cooking, mid season maturity, good flavour, requires cross pollination with Coes Golden drop.

double graft plums

Santa Rosa & Satsuma




Smyrna – Used for preserves, quince jelly and stewing, an excellent cultivar producing large fruit at a young age, extremely productive.

Champion – A very reliable and prolific quince producing rather squat, pear shaped fruit. Self fertile.
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