Log Cabin Garden Centre Rose List– 2017
Order your roses for this season. Pre ordered roses are carefully selected as soon as our stock arrives insuring that you receive the best rose available. Roses that we have on this list have been confirmed as available by our suppliers but with seasonal conditions sometimes affecting the crops circumstances can sometimes change. We endeavour to supply your ordered but on occasions your chosen rose may not be available.

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Abracadabra, HT. - A lovely bloom of exhibition form in colouring of light pink to darker mauve shadings. Blooms are beautifully perfumed, each of about 40 petals, often several to a stem.

Admiral Rodney, HT. - A lovely bloom of exhibition form in colouring of light pink to darker mauve shadings. Blooms are beautifully perfumed, each of about 40 petals, often several to a stem.

Amoretto, HT. - A very heavily petalled rose in the style of Old English Roses. A suffusion of apricot, cream and light pink make up a very large bloom of more than 100 petals. Strong and hardy bush. Extremely fragrant.

Afternoon Delight, Flb. - Big fully double blooms, disease resistant, grows to 1 metre, sweet fragrance, blooms are big and double with an old world charm, colouring is a mixture of peach, apricot and pink.

Angel Face, Flb. - Fragrant deep mauve double flowers, bedding rose, continuous flowering.

Apricot Nectar, Flb. - Buff apricot in colour plus strong healthy growth make this rose a must for the rose garden. The colour is unique in floribundas. The flowers are quite large, fully petalled and have a pleasant fragrance. Ideal for floral arranging.

Apricot Passion, HT. - A rich deep apricot, fading to a softer more subtle shade. The large blooms hold their shape well and are borne in large clusters. An upright, strong bush to 1.2 - 1.5m tall.

Augusta Luise, HT. - Large fragrant blooms in shades of pink and peach with yellow under tones, nostalgic olde world form, borne singly and in clusters of 3-5. A hardy, vigorous plant 1.2m tall. Awarded Silver medal at the National Rose Trial Garden.

Bengali, Flb. - This variety stands apart by its colour, strong fragrance and the high disease resistance. Fully double apricot blooms.

Barbra Streisand, HT. - Long stemmed, perfumed blooms and repeat blooming make this rose an ideal cut flower variety, pink blooms with outer edges that darken with age.

Big Purple, HT. - Highly fragrant, large well formed blooms of dark mauve to purple.

Bordeaux (Korelamba) Flb. - Wine red floribunda with large double cupped blooms that repeat well on an upright, healthy bush. Perfect for public spaces or mass planting.

Black Beauty' 99 HT. - Medium sized flowers of velvet red, with an inclination toward black and a yellowish reverse. Good cut flower variety that has a long vase life.

Black Velvet, HT. - Dark red blooms with a good fragrance are borne mainly on single stems. Dark green, leathery foliage on a bush of average height.

Blue Moon, HT. - Large lavender, blue blooms on long slender stems, fragrant.

Best Friend, HT. - Vibrant blooms of deep, hot, plum pink that have a strong sweet perfume.

Brass Band, Flb. - Clusters of fragrant apricot blooms with a yellow reverse, repeat freely throughout the season.

Baronne De Rothschild, HT. - A large formed, high pointed rose of light red with silver reverse. Very hardy, easily grown plant of medium height. Forty petals of strong perfume.

Cubana, HT. - Perfectly formed medium sized light apricot blooms on long clean stems. Plant habit is tall & erect, with good health. This cut flower variety is by far the best in this colour range & classification.

Coconut Ice, Flb. - A gorgeous bi-colour of beautiful musk pink with a soft white on the reverse of each petal in an Old English form. The neat, upright bush grows to around 1.2m producing firm stems that hold clusters of three to five full blooms that have a mild fragrance. Very resistant to disease.

Camp David, HT. - Beautifully formed highly scented dark red rose.

Dark Desire, HT. - This beautiful, sensuous rose is everything you could want in a Hybrid Tea. From buds that are almost black, the cupped flowers emerge with a unique violet-red, before maturing into blooms that display a spectrum of colour from red to violet purple, to even darker hues.

Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, HT. - The flowers are medium to large with a magnificent blending of colours, going through the spectrum of cream, golden yellow flushed with vermilion and various shades of pink. The shades of the flower vary dependant upon soil conditions
Diana, Princess Of Wales, HT. - Pastel shades of white to lemon, flushed with a pale rose pink. The large blooms are of true exhibition form and the large foliaged plant is very healthy and vigorous.

Double Delight, HT. – Large double blooms of white to cream, heavily flushed and edged carmine to red. An old favourite with a strong fragrance and long stems.

Earth Angel Flb. - Delicate pink, fully cupped blooms have an intense fragrance and grows to around 1m tall in an upright form. Added to this is the famous Kordes health.

Ebb Tide, Flb. – Almost black buds open to reveal a very double, med. Size old fashioned blooms of velvet purple that carry with them an intense clove fragrance.

Eyes for You. - It is a cluster-flowered shrub, with medium to large, cupped, semi-double blooms, opening in a pale pink shade, ageing to white, with a purple blotch at the centre of each petal, giving the effect of a purple eye.

Eye Of The Tiger, Flb. - A beautiful new colour in the new Persica range of roses. Yellow with a red/orange eye. A mild fragrance on a healthy bush. It has all the characteristics of the other Persica roses.

Elina. HT. - Large, well formed blooms of lemon to light yellow, produced freely on a plant of exceptional health and plentiful growth.

Eliza, HT. - An outstanding clear pink variety, with large elegantly formed flowers. Strong growth and plentiful foliage. Exhibition quality blooms.

Fragrant Cloud, HT. - Glowing orange red. Beautifully formed, free flowering and fragrant. A very good and popular rose. One of the World's favourite roses, inducted into the Rose Hall of Fame in 1981.

Fragrant Plum HT. - Deep lilac rose, edged rich purple with a high centre, fragrant.

Fairytale Queen, HT. - Lovely pale pink blooms on long strong stems. Plant is vigorous and disease resistant.

Francis Meilland -Father Of Peace, HT. - Soft shell pink flowers with a high centred bud opening to a cupped bloom of perfect formation, filled with a rich fruit and citrus scent. Added to this is good disease resistance.

For Your Eyes Only, Flb. - Large single blooms cover this lovely bush. Crossed with Hulthemia Persica, this new style rose is certainly spectacular and this one, in particular, will be a standout in any garden.

Fiona's Wish, HT. - Superb classic blooms, shaded cherry red with a creamy amber reverse have an award winning fragrance. Healthy bronze green foliage.

Friesia – Flb. Gorgeous yellow that doesn’t seem to fade with a great perfume too.

First Crush, Flb. - Another worthy addition to the new Parfuma collection, this variety will stand apart with its exceptional fruity fragrance and healthy foliage. The high-centred buds open to nostalgic shaped cups in a delicate pastel pink.

Firefighter, HT. - Rich velvet red in colour, this very healthy Hybrid Tea produces long stemmed, intensely fragrant blooms of cut flower quality. Exhibition quality.

Full Sail, HT. - A beautiful white bloom with a honeysuckle perfume.

Garden Delight, Flb. - The high-centred buds will open to fully double cup shaped blooms, where the delightful blend of yellow and intense red varies with the climate. Growing to an average of 80cm.

Gift Of Friendship, Flb. - Named by Inner Wheel Australia, this gorgeous new floribunda rose will delight with its stunning fresh fruity colour. The beautiful flowers produce continuously amongst a background of healthy green foliage. Decorated with awards (silver & gold) overseas, this trouble free variety is one not to be missed! Approx 80cm tall.

Gina Lollobrigida, HT. - A many petalled nicely formed bloom of the brightest yellow. The bush is of tall to medium growth with plentiful strong green foliage. Long strong stems. Fragrant.

Gift Of Grace, HT. - double blooms in a rich ruby pink, with subtle silvery reverse, make a lovely display in the garden or vase. The strong fragrance is sweet and layered with spice.

Gold Bunny, Flb. – The soft gold blooms are fairly large and of classic shape.

Happy Anniversary, HT. - An excellent rose for the garden and as a supply of cut flowers. The stunning salmon orange flowers are produced on long, firm, upright stems and combined with a lovely fragrance, provide a lasting display.

Honey Bouquet, Flb. - Large flowers of an appealing rich honey yellow have a sweet fragrance. The lush glossy foliage creates a perfect background for its plentiful flowers. Height, 1.2 metres.

Heaven Scent, HT. - Large orchid pink blooms have an intense old damask rose fragrance. The long, single stems have few thorns with lush green foliage. An easy to grow rose combined with a powerful perfume are desirable qualities.

Helmut Schmidt, HT. - Pure yellow bloom with about 25 broad petals, excellent foliage and general robustness. Stems are clean and with few thorns.

Honey Dijon, HT. - Honey Dijon is outstandingly healthy and disease-resistant which makes it possible for the home-gardener to grow this novelty-coloured rose, fruity fragrance, brown/gold tones tinged pink.

Ice Girl, HT. - This very robust, strong growing variety produces snow white blooms that have an intense fragrance.

In Appreciation, HT. - This fragrant rose has a unique luminous pink that will make it stand out in any rose bed. A free-branching habit that will give many decorative blooms suitable for the vase, black spot and mildew resistant.

Isn't She Lovely, HT. - Single, apricot, ivory with a gold splash full petalled blooms that are approximately 11.5cm in diameter and long lasting in a vase. Excellent disease resistance and a pleasant fragrance.

Iceberg, Flb. - Introduced over 40 years ago by Kordes. Iceberg is still one of the most popular roses. Pure white double blooms are produced continuously all season. A healthy bush ideal for massed planting.

Joy Of Life, HT. - Well formed blooms of white to light pink, heavily flushed light red. Flowers darken with age. Extremely strong, vigorous and healthy variety.

Jane McGrath, Flb. - Old English style floribunda bred in Australia for our conditions. Great for hedging or mass planting. 

John F Kennedy, HT. - A tall growing white rose with high centred blooms with slightly frilled petals.

Just Joey, HT. - Large decorative coppery orange to buff blooms with waved and frilled petals. Strong tough growth. The unique coloured flowers are sweetly scented.

Korde's Jubilee HT. - Yellow, edged red, fragrant.

La Luna, HT. - A very good dual purpose rose of good form and shape, with the flowers produced singly and occasionally two or three to a stem. The lemon yellow flowers are on long, near thornless stems, excellent cut flower.

Let's Celebrate, HT. - Bred in Australia by Trevor Grant. A beautiful well formed bloom of soft pink with a delicate blend of apricot at the base is complimented by a pleasing fragrance. This very healthy variety will reward with a continual display of flowers on long stems that are ideal for picking.

Limbo HT. - The rounded buds open to a medium to large sized cup shape bloom, which can be considered as lime yellow. The rustic shape enhances the radiation of this novel variety.

Limona, HT. - Shapely bud opening to a large, noble, open bloom. The colour is playful from a green-cream in the bud stage to a creamy-yellow in the opening flower. The 60-70cm stems are firm and upright. The fragrance of 'Limona' is remarkable, good cut life variety, lasting ten days in vase.

Little Ray Of Sunshine, HT. - Supporting the Australian Breastfeeding Association, this airy, petal filled bloom of bright yellow, flowers continuously throughout the growing season. Delightfully perfumed blooms of citrus and rose scents, grow on long stems making it ideal as a cut flower.

Lili Marlene, Flb. - Very good semi double with bright red blooms. Holds well in hot & cold climates.

Lilac Wine, Flb. - A tall, strong and robust rose, suitable for cutting with a lovely fragrance. Dark green glossy foliage complement the pale lilac flowers.

Loving Memory, HT. - A tough and hardy dual purpose bright red rose.

Love Potion, Flb. - Deep rich lilac blooms open with slightly ruffled petals. The highly fragrant flowers are produced in clusters on a small, robust bush with dark green foliage.

Let's Celebrate, HT. - A beautiful well formed bloom of soft pink with a delicate blend of apricot at the base is complimented by a pleasing fragrance.

Makybe Diva, HT. - Classic buds on long, firm stems open to reveal large, elegant blooms of pale pink with a hint of apricot in the centre. Lush, healthy foliage adorns a productive bush. 1.2m tall.

Mon Petit Chou, HT. - Very large blooms on long single stems have thick petals and a good fragrance. Deep pink with a touch of magenta.

My Hero, Flb. - An abundance of classic large blooms of clear rose pink standout from the lush glossy dark green foliage, complimented by a strong fragrance. It is highly disease resistant.

Mother’s Love, HT. – Soft white to pale pink blooms gently deepen in colour towards the centre, strong sweet fragrance.

Mister Lincoln, HT. - A dark velvety red bloom that cannot be surpassed for colour and fragrance. Well up to exhibition form, a strong healthy growth

Novalis, Flb. - Fragrant lavender flowers which take on an old world form. Blooms are produced abundantly, creating an incredible display on an easy care bush.

Neptune, HT. - Neptune has a mass of strong luscious lavender/mauve petals with just a touch of darker purple at the very edge and the blooms are large on long strong stems. Fragrant.

New Kleopatra, HT. - Well formed, show type blooms in amber red with yellow reverse. Plant habit is of medium size and healthy. Blooms mainly produced singly and occasionally several to a stem. Very showy startling colours.

Our Copper Queen, HT. - The large, fragrant, golden yellow blooms are produced freely on an extremely healthy plant.

Oklahoma, HT. - A large double very dark red, 45 to 55 petals on long stems. Very fragrant and vigorous.

Our Vanilla, HT. – Excellent cut flower variety producing vanilla, champagne well formed blooms with the outer base petals sometimes having a green hue.

Origami, Flb. - The strongly angular red and white petals give the bloom a ‘square’ appearance, similar to a paper folded flower – hence the name Origami. Highly disease resistant and well clothed in mid green foliage.

Peach Profusion, Flb. - An explosion of pointed soft peach/apricot blooms with a cream reverse shower this neat, densely foliaged bush to 1m tall. Blooms will age slowly to a clean cream to highlight bud colour. Great for pots or mass planting.

Poetry, HT. - Large, nostalgic shaped blooms in a magical delicate pink with a strong fragrance. Long, strong stems are covered with fresh green, hardy foliage. Good cut flower variety with a high production.

Pope John Paul II, HT. - Producing luminous, pristine, lavishly petalled blossoms, this elegant rose grows in the Vatican's private garden and has won trophies and medals all around the world for fragrance, vigor and superior disease resistance. White rose.

Papa Meilland, HT. - A classic red rose with dark, velvet red blooms that are heavily fragrant. Voted the world’s favourite rose in 1988.

Parole, HT. - The largest bloom (200mm) that we know of any hybrid tea. The plant is strong healthy and vigorous and the huge dark pink bloom is highly fragrant.

Princess Margaret, HT. - A large luminous bright pink rose of excellent form, with 30 unfading petals. Growth is vigorous and upright, the green foliage is of great hardiness.

Peace, HT. - The large exhibition blooms of yellow, flushed with pink have pleasant fragrance. Still probably one of the world’s most popular roses.

Perfume Passion, HT. - High centred pink blooms, form, health and fragrance makes this rose a multi award winning rose. Very fragrant.
Perfume Perfection, Flb. - Delicate lavender blooms are produced in abundance on a nicely rounded bush. Strong, sweet fragrance. The lovely colour, plentiful bloom.

Princess of Monaco, HT. - A strikingly beautiful rose of ivory edged pink, shows excellent form with 30 unfading petals. Growth is vigorous and upright, the green foliage is of great hardiness.

Queen Elizabeth, HT. - A long stemmed decorative rose of clear pink. Very vigorous. Growth makes an impressive shrub. One of the World's favourite roses, inducted into the Rose Hall of Fame in 1979.

Queen Of Hearts, HT. - Large, cup shaped blooms in a colour play of cherry red and apricot are produced on long, single stems with glossy foliage. A good cut flower variety with slight fragrance. 1.5m tall.

Red Giant, HT. - Medium to large flowers of a classical, elegant shape in a clear light red colour. The colour is very stable with no signs of blackening on the petal edges. An excellent cut flower variety with long, upright, firm stems.

Remember Me, HT. – Extremely strong healthy dense foliage of medium tall habit. The blooms are of a completely new colour break, with blendings of fawn, cream, yellow and salmon-rose. Very unique.

Radox Bouquet, HT. - Strongly fragrant, old garden type rose. The many petalled blooms are clear light pink, produced profusely in multi-heads on a strong vigorous bush.

Royal Dane, HT. - A most unusual and decorative hybrid tea, unique colour tonings of golden apricot with orange-red outer petals.
Royal Highness, HT. - Very pale pink, double blooms of excellent form, produced on almost thornless stems with glossy foliage. Strong fragrance.

Sir Donald Bradman, HT. - A large, strongly fragrant rose of deep red. Blooms are predominately borne on single stems. Named after the great Australian cricketer.

St Patrick, HT. - Well formed bright yellow blooms with green overtones. The flowers are slow to open and hold well in the heat without fading.

Scentimental, Flb. - The overall appearance is of a striped rose, some blooms appearing burgundy-red swirled creamy white while others are creamy white splashed with burgundy red. These unusual blooms are produced freely and carry a spicy fragrance.

Slim Dusty, Flb. -A rich golden orange coloured rose with copper bronze tonings that blend with the outback colours of the Australian bush that Slim so loved.

Sexy Rexy, Flb. - Fully double, pink flowers are produced continuously in large clusters. An easily maintained compact, disease resistant blooms.

Sweet Memory, HT. - Imagine being able to cut a huge bunch of clear pink roses from a single bush, without making a dent in its overall performance. This is the case with this vigorous shrub-like Hybrid Tea. It will flower for most of the year with the minimum of care.

Super Star, HT. - An orange vermilion, large and well formed bloom with a strong fragrance. The bush growth is very vigorous and healthy.

Soul Sister, Flb. - An incredible new colour. Milky chocolate buds opening to latte coffee and ending in soulful lavender. A very elegant and unusual flower reminiscent of warm linen sitting on a healthy rounded bush with a light tea fragrance.

Summer Romance, Flb. - Large, long lasting fully double blooms of mid-pink with a captivating scent of spicy apples and liquorice, grows 1m. tall.

Sweet Intoxication, Flb. - Rich magenta blooms with an alluring fragrance. Glossy green foliage and an upright growth habit. Fine in the heat and quick to repeat. Height 1.35 to 1.5 metres.

Taboo, HT. - Very dark, blackish red buds open slowly to reveal perfectly formed, richly fragrant blooms of dark, velvet red. Flowers prolifically on a tall, upright bush to 1.5m.

The Children’s Rose, HT. - The light pink, many petalled blooms are very fragrant. A strong and healthy bush which will grow to about 1.5 metres. Another of the newer varieties with that old fashioned English style.

The RSL Rose, HT. - The striking tones of burgundy and soft amber make this rose a standout in any garden. Mirroring the colours of dawn and dusk, each classic shaped bud opens to produce an informal flower borne on long stems of glossy deep green foliage. The aged blooms take on a rustic appearance. A hardy and healthy plant. Height 1.5m $1.00 from the sale of each plant will be donated to the RSL in support of veterans and their families.

Transplant Australia's "Thank You Rose" - An award winning rose, it produces clusters of fully petalled blooms that have a most desirable mauve colour, along with a delicate fragrance and dark leaves. The growth habit of this gorgeous rose has proven health and appeal. Approx. 1.2m tall.’

Tuscan Sun, Flb. - Deep apricot buds open fully to high-centred, bronze-blushed blossoms, then finish a coppery pink. Borne in generous clusters on long, strong stems, these lightly spice-scented blooms are sensational in the vase. With an upright, well-branched habit, lush foliage and outstanding disease resistance.

Twilight Zone, Flb. - The stunning amethyst purple blooms create an eye catching display on a strong, healthy plant of deep green almost quilted leaves. Big fat buds open to very double old fashioned blooms with a strong clove and lemon citrus fragrance.

Valencia, HT. - Very large exhibition style flowers, on long strong stems. The Old Gold coloured blooms, are borne on a vigorous, healthy, large foliaged bush. Fragrance is sweetly strong for which 'Valencia' won the 'Henry Edland' Gold Medal for Fragrance.

Vol de Nuit, HT. - The colour is clear deep mauve of a most attractive shade, and the form is particularly good with a high pointed centre and nicely reflexed petals. Well suited for the show exhibitor and highly recommended for the home gardener.

Victoria Gold, Flb. - This floribunda produces double, bright yellow blooms in abundance. In the cooler months the blooms have a fine red pencil edge.

Warm Wishes, HT. - (Fryxotic) Large flowers in glowing colours range from creamy apricot to warm amber pink. Sweet fragrance. Strong healthy plant

Winter Sun, HT. - Classic shaped blooms of light yellow and the ability to flower deep into winter gave this rose its name Winter Sun. A high resistance to black spot allows the neat, chest high bush to remain clothed in glossy green foliage. Lovely soft fragrance.

Landscape Roses Pillar, Rambler & Climbing Roses
Amadeus - This moderate climber captivates for its double, shining red flowers, produced in clusters of 5-7 repeat all season. Very healthy, dark green, glossy foliage on a bushy, upright climber. 2.5 tall.

Altissimo - An outstanding showy climber with large single bright red blooms. Growth to 4 metres. Repeat flowering.

 Angel Face - Highly fragrant, deep mauve flowers, approx 4 metres.

Black Boy - Large flowered semi-double blooms of dark crimson. Flowers are produced freely on a vigorous plant. Repeat flowering. Sweetly fragrant

Blue Moon - Medium size mauve flowers, repeat flowering, fragrant.

Blushing Pierre De Ronsard – A bright sport of the ever popular Pierre de Ronsard. The creamy white flowers are filled with petals and bloom constantly. They often retain a delicate soft pink hue in the cooler months. 3m x 2m.

Cinderella - This superb climbing rose will enchant with its very healthy foliage and nostalgic shape of flower. The lovely soft pink flowers are produced in sprays of 4 to 6 flowers and have an old fashioned appearance. The glossy dark green foliage is very resistant to disease. Approx. 2.5m tall.

Crepuscule - Informal apricot to yellow blooms. The virtually thornless plant can be allowed to grow as a large sprawling shrub or trained as a moderately vigorous climber. Repeat flowering with good fragrance.

Gold Bunny - Large golden yellow blooms in abundance over a long season. The most floriferous of the golden yellow climbing roses. Repeat flowering.

Hi Ho - An orange pink miniature climber which cluster blooms in flushes throughout the growing season. 2.5m spread.

Iceberg - By far the most popular white climber. Nicely shaped pure white blooms cover the plant all season. Growth up to 5 metres but not overly rampant. Continually in bloom. Fragrant

Lorraine Lee - An evergreen climber with long pointed buds that open to double, cupped blooms of coral pink. Rich green glossy foliage. Repeat flowering. Fragrant.

Moonlight - This award winning climber will warm your garden with its beautiful semi-double blooms ranging in colour from yellow through to copper tones. Vigorous and healthy with a fruity fragrance. Approx 2.5m tall.

New Dawn - Large pale pink flowers are produced repeatedly on a climber, which will reach 6 metres. Can also be allowed to grow as a large shrub.

Peace - Vigorous sport of the well known and popular 'Peace'. Double yellow, flushed pink blooms. Repeat flowering.

Pierre De Ronsard - Ideal Pillar rose. White to pale pink blooms deepening to carmine in the centre. Blooms freely and repeatedly. Fragrant. One of the World's favourite roses inducted into the Rose Hall of Fame 2006.

Red Pierre - This climber produces masses of large, burgundy red, very double, cupped blooms with that 'old world' charm and elegance. Lightly fragrant. Healthy, lush, deep green foliage. Coverage 3m.


Addictive Lure - A powerful, distinctive sweet aromatic scent drifts in the air from this aptly named rose. A strong, healthy upright bush produces deep open cup shaped blooms in loose clusters, as well as individually to a stem.

Gallipoli Centenary Rose - A gorgeous new deep red rose of exceptional health, specially released to mark the Gallipoli Centenary in 2015.

Hanza Park - The perfect shrub rose in this colouring of lavender to lilac pink. The plant habit is ideal, being free and informal, yet not untidy. The double blooms, of three to four inches, are produced freely and continually over the entire medium to large bush. Foliage goes to the base of the bush making it an ideal hedge variety.

Lions Rose - The fully double creamy white blooms open with a breath of apricot and are produced in clusters of 3-5. There is a slight, pleasing fragrance and the glossy foliage is highly resistant to blackspot and mildew.

Summer Memories - An Old-World style fragrant, double bloom in a warm creamy shade of white covers a dense bush with fantastic disease resistance. Approx. 1.2m tall x 80cm wide.

Zaide (Korparofe) - A beautifully strong fruity fragrance emanates from this very nostalgic bloom that is rain-resistant. The lovely pink flowers are large, fully petalled and repeat well throughout the season on a robust and healthy bush. Can be used for large pots. 1.2m high.


A Shropshire Lad - A Large, strong-growing shrub for a position further back in the garden that can be trained as a climber. The fully double, large blooms of soft peachy-pink have a slightly cupped, rosette formation. Vigorous, healthy growth and large, glossy foliage. Very fruity fragrance. Almost thornless. 2m tall x 1.5m wide. Can be used as a Patio Climber.

Boscobel - Perfectly formed, upward facing rosettes of rich salmon. A very healthy, upright bush with good disease resistance. Exceptionally fragrant repeat flowering blooms. Approx. 1.2m tall.

Charles Darwin - The yellow flowers, tending towards mustard, are some of the largest among English Roses. Useful for a position where a really bold effect is required. The blooms are full and deeply cupped at first, but open to a shallower flower, usually revealing a button eye. There is a strong, delicious fragrance, which varies according to weather conditions.

Claire Austin - Large flowers, blush pink, neatly cupped. Opens to a rosette of pale pink. Strong growth and fragrant. Long, strong stems, good for cut flower. 1.3m tall.

Charles Austin - Large blooms, shades of apricot and yellow. Vigorous and bushy growth. Fruity fragrance. 2m tall.

Evelyn - Large apricot-yellow flowers of a perfect shallow-cupped formation with numerous petals. The colour can vary according to the seasons. One of the most fragrant of the David Austin roses. 1.8m tall.

Falstaff - Large, cupped flowers of rich, dark crimson turn a pleasing shade of rich purple as the blooms age. Strong, bushy and rather upright growth. Powerful Old Rose fragrance. 1.6m x 1m. Can be used as a Patio climber.

Graham Thomas - Cupped shaped blooms of rich, pure yellow have a strong tea rose fragrance. It has an upright growth habit that can be trained as a spectacular climber or bushy shrub.

Golden Celebration - Very large deeply cupped flowers of rich golden yellow.
A very good shrub with ideal rounded habit of growth, dark glossy green foliage.
Exceptional fragrance.

Jubilee Celebration - The large domed flowers are of a lovely rich salmon-pink with tints of gold on the underside of the petals. Each bloom being elegantly held well above the foliage and produced with exceptional freedom and continuity. Fruity rose scent.

Lady Of Shalott - Buds of rich orange-red open to form a lightly fragrant chalice-shaped bloom filled with loosely arranged petals. Each petal has a salmon pink upper side which contrasts beautifully with the attractive golden-yellow reverse. The flowers are accompanied by a pleasant, warm, tea fragrance, with hints of spiced apple and cloves. A large healthy shrub with slightly arching canes.

Munstead Wood - Large, velvety crimson blooms in the distinctive English style. Strong Old Rose fragrance. Medium size bush with good disease resistance.

New William Shakespeare 2000 - A truly superb variety with exquisite blooms of the richest velvety crimson, gradually changing to an equally rich purple. Deeply cupped buds open to shallow quartered blooms borne in clusters. Neat and upright growth on a healthy bush accompanied by a strong Old Rose fragrance. Excellent disease resistance.1.2m tall x 1m.

Princess Alexandra Of Kent – (AUSmerchant) - Large full blooms of warm, glowing pink. They are fully petalled and deeply cupped and are held nicely poised on a well rounded shrub. There is a delicious fresh tea fragrance that changes to a lemon scent as the flower ages. 1m tall.

Teasing Georgia - A very refined rose of delicate beauty. The yellow flowers are of a pleasing cupped formation. The centre petals are rich deep yellow, while the outer petals fall back and fade to palest yellow, providing a pleasing two-tone effect. Very strong, graceful growth forming a large shrub, will grow as an excellent small climber. Pleasant Tea Rose fragrance. 1.2m tall.

The Alnwick Rose - Rich pink, cup shaped buds gradually open to a deeply cupped flowers which later develops into a broad, full petalled, shallow cup of a soft pink. The flowers are beautiful at all stages. Nice rounded bushy growth to 1.5m tall by 1m wide. Good Old Rose fragrance.

The Endeavour - This is one of the most prolific roses ever bred by David Austin. It's bi-colouring of salmon-pink with a background of yellow is unusual amongst English roses. The foliage is dark which contrasts well with the flowers, which have a medium, spicy fragrance. It particularly favours Australia's hot climate.

The Wedgewood Rose - The large blooms of soft rose pink, have a delicate, almost gossamer-like quality with a lovely fruity fragrance. The growth is exceptionally vigorous, sending up many shoots from the base and forming a healthy, large rampant shrub. We expect this rose to be even better when grown as a climber. Its ample foliage is dark green and glossy. 1.5m or 3m pillar.

Summer Song – 2007 Release (Austango) - This David Austin Rose is of beautiful and unusual colouring that is hard to describe - burnt orange would be one possibility - a colour that will mingle well with other shades such as apricot and yellow. The fully open flower is cup shaped, the perfect ring of outer petals. It has lovely strong, mixed scent with hints of chrysanthemum leaves, ripe bananas and tea. It forms a bushy, upright shrub that can be pruned to grow taller or shorter, according to your requirements. 1.2m x 90cm.

Tranquility - This beautiful rose is the first of our David Austin releases for 2016. An excellent garden shrub with lovely pure white blooms and a light apple fragrance.

Wollerton Old Hall - One of the most fragrant of all English Roses. Its strong, warm, intensely floral fragrance is in the myrrh family and has hints of apricot. The plump buds, with attractive flashes of red, open to form beautifully rounded, chalice-shaped blooms of soft apricot, which eventually pale to cream.

William Morris - A tall shrub with attractive, arching growth. The apricot-pink flowers are of a formal rosette shape and have a strong fragrance. Excellent repeat flowering and good disease resistance.

Gardeners Pleasure - Small cherry red blooms are produced in clusters on a spreading, very healthy plant. An excellent ground cover, capable of growing 1.5m wide by 50cm high.

Many Happy Returns - (Harkness) An outstanding variety with large semi-single pale pink blooms. The arching canes give masses of flower from ground level. Approx. 60cm high by 90cm wide. Fragrant.


Dwarf Fairy - Produces large clusters of an intense orange-red, an eye catcher for every garden. The high disease resistance guarantees minimal maintenance, and its compact growth with a height of 40cm makes Dwarf Fairy an ideal rose for pots on a terrace or balcony. Mini



Holy Toledo -

Rise n shine -

Freycinet (Prorug) - This beautiful Tasmanian bred Rugosa rose produces fragrant purple double blooms opening to reveal yellow stamens, ending with large red hips. It is hardy and disease resistant with dark green foliage. 2m tall.

Roseraie De La Hay - Very large, double flowers of rich crimson-purple with contrasting stamens. Very strong perfume. A vigorous, dense shrub. Completely reliable. Repeat flowering

Rugosa Alba - (Rugosa 1870) - Beautiful large single fragrant blooms are produced on a healthy vigorous plant with olive green leaves. Flowering ends in distinctive red hips. Fragrant. Recurrent. 2m.

Sarah Van Fleet - (Rugosa 1926) - This semi-double, mid pink rose is produced continuously on a vigorous tall bush. Fragrant. 3m tall.

(For descriptions of standard roses refer to our general list)

Barbra Streisand

Dark Desire

Double Delight


First Crush

Gold Bunny

Golden Celebration

Happy Anniversary


Just Joey

Lili Marlene 

Lady Of Shallot

Munstead Wood

Mother's Love

Mister Lincoln

Pope John Paul II

Red Riding Hood

Tranquility DA

Thank You

Tuscan Sun

Slim Dusty

Winter Sun


Abracadabra – 60cm standard

Ebb Tide – 60cm standard

Friesia - 60cm standard

Iceberg - 60cm standard

Weeping Standard (TALL)
Florentina Weeper - approx. 5.5ft tall

Pierre De Ronsard Weeper - approx. 5.5ft tall

Wollerton Old Hall Weeper - approx. 5.5ft tall

Weeping Standard (Short)

Claire Austin - Weeper - approx. 4ft tall

Purple Rain - Weeper - approx. 4ft tall
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